A Soft Earth

A nervous young man enters his girlfriend’s pottery studio to have a serious conversation with her, but she reacts in an unexpected way.

This page originated from another One Page Challenge on the Script Hive Discord server.

The prompts were:

  • Body horror
  • An unlikely location


My One Page Challenge scripts oftentimes end up with a horror or suspense flavor to them, so when the Killer Shorts contest added a category for one page scripts, I entered several of my favorites.

This one actually advanced to the quarterfinals, which was a nice development for something I wrote quickly as an exercise. I look forward to submitting more of my work in the future!

Prompt, Week #87

  • The sub-genre is: Budget Horror
  • You must open the page on the image of a physical object
  • And close the page on an image of that same object

Title: FMK
Logline: Four girls hang out in an empty house, but their night takes a dark turn when they play a game.


One Page Challenges

One of my favorite activities on the Script Hive Discord server is the One Page Challenge.

Every week, a new prompt is posted with a call for entries. Anyone can submit as long as their script is no longer than a page. The prizes are generally only the accolades of your peers, but there are occasional guest hosts and more significant prizes.

It’s a great way to keep my writing muscles limber and get immediate feedback. I think it’s helped me improve my writing craft significantly over the past year, and it’s also given me inspiration for a few ideas that I might turn into longer pieces.

My Favorite Submissions (So Far)

Prompt, Week #27
  • A bus ride
  • A character is daydreaming

Title: Where the Road Curves
Logline: A bus ride on a darkened rural road is all a young woman needs to find supernatural help.
Notes: This is easily my favorite of the OPCs I’ve written so far. It also got the most votes for the week.

Prompt, Week #64
  • The genre is ‘Horror’
  • A birth – could be the birth of a child, an invention, a group or organization etc.
  • No dialogue allowed

Title: The New Queen
Logline: When a king forces his queen to drink a potion to make her young again, there are bloody results.
Notes: I was really happy with how this one turned out and decided to rewrite it as a short story.

Prompt, Week #66
  • The scene takes place in a busy location.
  • A twisted or unlikely romance.

Title: A Storm of Wings
Logline: When military men corner a young woman, she calls for supernatural help.
Notes: I really enjoy the gothic fantasy tone I achieved here.

Prompt, Week #74
  • Bees.
  • A character’s life is changed forever.

Title: Outer Rim Café
Logline: Two friends catch up at a space station cafe, but things take a strange turn when one notices a bee.

Prompt, Week #77
  • The Genre is: Adventure
  • Your main character/s is under 16
  • A surprise!

Title: The Bone Forest
Logline: A scout and his talking squirrel friend journey through a forest made of bones.
Notes: This one received the most votes for the week.

Prompt, Week #81
  • Your page takes place in one location.
  • A place you would never expect to be haunted.
  • A gruesome death using only two action lines.

Title: Eidolon Vintage
Logline: When a young woman visits a strange vintage shop, the shopkeeper makes it difficult to browse in peace.
Notes: This received the most votes for the week and the guest host picked it as a runner-up.

Prompt, Week #87
  • The sub-genre is: Budget Horror
  • You must open the page on the image of a physical object
  • And close the page on an image of that same object

Title: FMK
Logline: Four girls hang out in an empty house, but their night takes a dark turn when they play a game.
Notes: This script placed as a quarter-finalist in the 2022 Killer Shorts contest. Pretty cool!

All Other Submissions

Prompt, Week #18
  • A setting with a pool
  • A voice-over narrator

Title: The Pool Car
Logline: A private detective searching for a missing girl takes a ride in a strange car.
Notes: This was my first attempt at a one page challenge, but I haven’t shared it until now.

Prompt, Week #19
  • This is page 75 of a feature film, all hope is lost for our main character
  • The main character must be John Goodman, playing himself
  • The page/main scene must take place in a moving vehicle

Title: Widdershins
Logline: Two versions of John Goodman, one young and one old, make last-minute plans as they ride in a fairy seed-ship.
Notes: This is the first OPC I actually posted on the server. I fully admit to making it as weird as possible!

Prompt, Week #20
  • Your page must focus on the inciting incident of a feature film
  • You must include the line “This can’t be accurate?” in dialogue
  • Choose one of the following as your setting:
    • Somewhere underground
    • Motel Room
    • Fast Food Restaurant
    • Mars

Title: Mister Lonestar
Logline: A mysterious trickster tries to convince an angry young man to become his apprentice.
Notes: This won second place in a guest-hosted challenge.

Prompt, Week #21
  • Your Protagonist is introduced in their identifying environment. Use whatever you want to get there.
  • Your MC is not aligned with that environment. Any way to accomplish this is fine. Some examples might be:
    • Highlighting the opposite ideals of your MC (as advertised by Craig Mazin)
    • Indicating your MC is trying to be something they are not (see K. M. Weiland)
    • Setting your MC up with a difficult decision that will impact their future lives wholly (R. McKee).
    • Or forge your own paradigm! There are literally no rules here, only subjective interpretations of emotional resonance.

Title: The Fire Remembered
Logline: A young farm girl tussles with a dragon.

Prompt, Week #22
  • Have a character do objectively morally good things
  • Make the audience increasingly hate/despise this character

Title: Coffee, Interrupted
Logline: A nervous man waits to speak to a woman but is overshadowed by a another, better man.

Prompt, Week #23
  • The genre is Thriller
  • Important exposition must be delivered through the use of a smartphone (whether on a call, through a text or photo, or by using the smartphone in any other way)

Title: The Bird-Watchers
Logline: A furtive meeting on a secluded park bench takes a violent turn.

Prompt, Week #26
  • Two scenes, each 1 page long (so 2 pages total!)
  • Minimal action lines
  • Each scene involves the MC talking to a different single person
    • In one scene, the MC has authority over the other person
    • In the other scene, the other person has authority over the MC

Title: Elizabeth(s)
Logline: Two identical women plan a heist, but when one is caught, a secret about her nature is revealed.
Notes: This was the rare two-page challenge!

Prompt, Week #28
  • Your page must include exactly 2 speaking characters
  • One character portrays themselves as having lower social status in order to better achieve their goal
  • The whole page takes place during a Halloween party

Title: Plastic Fangs
Logline: Two college guys attend a Halloween party, but when one suggests a costume change, the other takes offense.

Prompt, Week #29
  • All of the characters have to be middle-schoolers
  • There has to be a fantasy/supernatural element
  • Your page takes place at one of these locations:
    • A junkyard
    • A water tower
    • An amusement park
    • A submarine

Title: The Case of the Upside-Down Ocean
Logline: A group of kids drive a submarine into an ocean in the sky to try and save their sick friend.

Prompt, Week #55
  • A sound effect.
  • An artifact from an unknown technology
  • The line “That’s just crazy enough to work”

Title: Comfort Zone
Logline: Two friends explore the universe hiding inside a puffy couch.

Prompt, Week #56
  • An egg.
  • A character who switches tactics to get what they want.
  • A Super or ‘Chyron’

Title: Scrambled
Logline: When a man finds himself trapped inside a mysterious white void, he tries to convince his captor to let him out.

Prompt, Week #67
  • The Genre is: Science Fiction
  • Your main characters must hate each-other
  • It ends with an explosion (of any size)
  • You must invent a new word that is:
    • Relevant to the plot or characters
    • Appears in dialogue
    • Can be understood from context clues only.

Title: Doggerel
Logline: A family dog takes issue with the robot dog he suspects is meant to replace him.

Prompt, Week #71
  • Your main character seems to have achieved everything they could possibly want.
  • Something makes them realize what they actually want.

Title: Puzzling
Logline: A puzzle-loving man is drawn out of his comfort zone when his neighbor shows him a mysterious artifact.

Prompt, Week #72
  • Your page takes place in one location.
  • We must never see ‘the monster’
  • But we should know what that monster is.

Title: Crust Punks
Logline: A scrappy punk band realizes that a former member may be taking revenge from beyond the grave.

Prompt, Week #82
  • Your characters are on holiday.
  • Tensions rise during an awkward moment.

Title: Out of Body
Logline: A hip young couple shares a relaxing out-of-body experience, but things go badly when the woman jokes around.

Prompt, Week #83
  • The Genre is Animation
  • A character who isn’t human that can talk.
  • A visual or special effect.

Title: The Deeper Cut
Logline: A gravely injured man confers with his bizarre, toothy familiar as they search for a dragon.

Prompt, Week #89
  • Your page must take place in space.
  • A heist.

Title: Haste, Spice
Logline: A woman on a date in a man’s luxury cabin reveals her ulterior motives when their spaceship’s gravity field abruptly shuts off.

Prompt, Week #94
  • The page must start on a dead body
  • The words “you’re not serious” included in dialogue
  • The page must end with us knowing what actions will be undertaken next in the story

Title: Inheritance
Logline: When a young woman inherits her late uncle’s mansion, she is disturbed to learn about his dying wish.
Notes: Voted favorite of the week by other members of the Discord.

Prompt, Week #100
  • 100
  • A locked door is involved in some way.
  • Only one character can have dialogue.

Title: Key Ring
Logline: A woman tries to open a mysterious door in the middle of a forest clearing.

Prompt, Week #109
  • A SINGLE action scene.
  • The line of dialog “I told you it wasn’t me”

Title: A Conversation Before Dinner
Logline: A woman interrupts her husband’s dinner prep with a nasty fight about a shady deal.

Prompt, Week
  • A tough, one-sided phone conversation.
  • A baboon.

Title: The Enforcer
Logline: A nervous man answers a phone call offered by an intimidating baboon wearing a suit.



In May 2021, I finished a draft of a new animated pilot called Planetsiders. As I write this, I am in the middle of rewriting the script and getting ready to submit to to contests. If you’d like to read the most current version, please feel free to reach out and contact me!

Title: Planetsiders
Logline: A former war journalist runs the only neutral bar on a planet where three sides of an intergalactic war meet to drink and get weird. Cheers meets Casablanca in space.
Genre: Comedy, Animation, Sci-Fi
Length: 38 pages (1st draft)

Articles and ReviewsWriting

Full of Words

I’ve been maintaining a separate book review blog at for a few years now. I’ve included a selection of my posts below.

Articles and ReviewsWriting


GamerSushi provided gaming news and reviews from a thoughtful perspective without resorting to hype or click-bait. Fostering intelligent discussions and a respectful community atmosphere was also one of our primary goals for the site.

I was webmaster and a contributing columnist for GamerSushi. The site launched in 2009 and then went on hiatus in 2014. We re-launched it with a new design and new content in 2016. We also recorded almost 100 episodes of our podcast during the site’s first incarnation.

I’ve included links to selected posts below; for a full list of my posts, visit my author page.

Web SeriesWriting

Camp Camp

In 2018-2019, I had the incredible opportunity to join the writer’s room for Camp Camp season 4, an animated show about misfit campers produced by Rooster Teeth.

I wrote three episodes solo and co-wrote part of an anthology episode.

Camp Camp, Season 4:

  • Season 4, Episode 5: “The Quarter-Moon Convergence”, June 29th, 2019 – Quartermaster takes the campers out for Astronomy Camp, but clearly has ulterior plans for the night. Neil tries to take the lead and finds himself ill-equipped.
  • Season 4, Episode 10: “Squirrel Camp”, August 3rd, 2019 – The camp is overrun by vengeful squirrels, displacing the kids and counselors and forcing them to conceive a series of schemes to win the camp back from them.
  • Season 4, Episode 13: “Campfire Tales”, August 24th, 2019 – The camp gathers ’round a campfire and shares some stories of varying spookiness. This is an anthology episode co-written by everyone on the team. I wrote the opening and David’s story.
  • Season 4, Episode 14: “Fashion Victims”, August 31st, 2019 – Sasha freaks out when a super-nice new girl encroaches on her control over the Flower Scouts.

The Flowers

In 2018, I wrote a few comedy shorts to beef up my portfolio. This one is about a dinner party where everyone has a bizarre secret.


The Disrupted

In 2018, I wrote a few comedy shorts to beef up my portfolio. This short is about a gig app with a supernatural twist.



In 2018, I wrote a few comedy shorts to beef up my portfolio. This one is a satirical ad for a contacts delivery app.