Noises in the Night

I originally posted this on Twitter on the night of May 17th, 2022, but I’ve since turned on a tweet-deleting app that blew away most of the thread, so the following is a recreation for the sake of posterity.

Tonight we heard the strangest sounds coming from the garage. We have an air purifier that we run in the bedroom for white noise so it drowned them out at first, but they sounded like muffled voices.

The voices cut in and out suddenly, but they were loud and I would swear they were coming from right behind our heads as we lay in bed.

I turned off the purifier and the sounds stopped, of course. Still, I went outside to investigate. We share the garage with our landlord, so I opened it up and poked around on both sides, but didn’t see anything obvious.

Grabbed a flashlight and walked around the other side of the house, which backs up to the neighbor’s yard, but nobody was outside. Our house doesn’t have a connecting wall or anything, but maybe people talking could carry in a weird way?

Gave up and went back inside, and as soon as I did, the sounds started back up again. This time, though, they were different.

Now it sounded like a woman moaning theatrically, like loud, pornographic sex. And then it cut off just as suddenly.

I’ve had loud neighbors before. I’ve heard loud sex out of someone’s window late at night, but we don’t have any neighbors like that at our current place. The sounds seemed increasingly unlikely.

I had a new theory, though, so I grabbed the flashlight again and went back outside. I didn’t want to have to worry about these inexplicable sounds in the middle of the night.

I opened up the garage again and went to my landlord’s half where he keeps his workbench, and sure enough, there it was:

His Bluetooth speaker, still plugged in, little light blinking. He’s out of town right now, but he forgot to turn it off, see, and someone must have decided to try connecting to it for shits and giggles.

So, naturally, they played porn over a stranger’s speakers at 10:30 at night and we thought our house was haunted.

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Back to WordPress

I’ve been neglecting this site for a while now in favor of posting about books at Full of Words. I’m always reading, after all, and always have something to say about what I just read. It’s time for a change, however, so I’m relaunching in WordPress.

In the last year or so, I grew tired of this site’s look and feel, which hadn’t changed since I first switched to Jekyll. I decided to try to find a new theme, and immediately ran into a few roadblocks. First off, there aren’t nearly as many good themes for Jekyll, especially not free ones. I’m sure this is because anyone using Jekyll is expected to just make their own theme. Then, I realized that if I did find a new theme, I’d have to rebuild my site to fit. Jekyll themes are generally purpose-built for a specific type or style of site.

I didn’t have the patience to build a new theme from scratch. I’m also not sure I could make something as nice looking as the basic themes that come free with WordPress. For a long while, that meant that I didn’t bother.

The more I thought about it, the more that switching back to WordPress started sounding appealing. If I switched back, I wouldn’t need to spend as much time tinkering to get my site looking the way I wanted. It helps that I stuck with WordPress for Full of Words. Over time, I grew to prefer the Gutenberg block system over the classic editor despite my initial skepticism.

What finally decided things for me is that I have new writing that I want to share in my portfolio. It was time to update my site to reflect what I’ve been working on since Camp Camp season 4 ended. When I had some free time, I started the process of importing my posts and portfolio into a WordPress installation. I finished the basic configuration a little while ago and finally flipped the switch today.

This new version of my site is hosted on an Amazon Lightsail instance running Plesk Obsidian, which makes website administration much easier than the Bitnami instance that I originally used to host Full of Words. Updating PHP on Bitnami would have required a complicated installation process, versus just clicking a button in the Plesk dashboard.

I’m glad to finally have this done! For starters, I’ve updated my writing page with information about my animated pilot, Planetsiders, and the many short scripts I’ve written based on prompts from the Script Hive Discord server.


Where I’m at Right Now

I’ve had a tough year so far.

When I last checked in on my writing goals back in December, I talked about how the US election did a number on my motivation and ability to focus.

I sort of recovered from the post-election blues in January and February of this year… but then my cat, Jackson, got very sick. I ultimately had to put him to sleep on March 16th.

Jackson was sick for a while – since at least the middle of 2016 – but he took a turn in February and went downhill very fast. The whole thing was incredibly stressful and absolutely devastating, even though I knew on an intellectual level that my cats were reaching the age where health problems could be a concern.

Needless to say, I was pretty much useless while he was sick and after he died.