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I’ve been maintaining a separate book review blog at for a few years now. I’ve included a selection of my posts below.

Articles and ReviewsWriting


GamerSushi provided gaming news and reviews from a thoughtful perspective without resorting to hype or click-bait. Fostering intelligent discussions and a respectful community atmosphere was also one of our primary goals for the site.

I was webmaster and a contributing columnist for GamerSushi. The site launched in 2009 and then went on hiatus in 2014. We re-launched it with a new design and new content in 2016. We also recorded almost 100 episodes of our podcast during the site’s first incarnation.

I’ve included links to selected posts below; for a full list of my posts, visit my author page.

Articles and ReviewsWriting

In 2013, I wrote a series of freelance articles and reviews for locally-focused site

Articles and Reviews

Austin Actors Shine in ZACH Theatre’s ‘Harvey’

Jeff JamesJun 1, 2013
Before Harvey was turned into a film starring Jimmy Stewart, it was a 1944 play by Mary Chase. The play, a light-hearted screwball classic, is the perfect vehicle for Zach Scott’s Martin Burke as Elwood P. Dowd, although Lauren Lane steals the show as Dowd’s sister Veta.

Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Jeff JamesMay 21, 2013
Star Trek: Into Darkness opens with a chase scene that results in a pretty flagrant violation of the Federation’s vaunted “Prime Directive”, but JJ Abrams’ version of the Star Trek universe has always played a little fast and loose with the rules. That’s part of its appeal… as long as you’re in the mood for […]

Donuts Come With Everything at Gourdough’s Public House

Jeff JamesMay 6, 2013
Gourdough’s offers the sort of food that makes the most sense late at night after a few drinks. Giant, decadent donuts combined with occasionally nonsensical toppings – fried chicken? bacon with maple syrup icing? – that seem best-suited for a food trailer that stays open until 3am on weekends. Accordingly, it is all the more […]

Theatre Review: Slowgirl at Hyde Park Theatre

Jeff JamesApr 16, 2013
When seventeen-year-old Becky comes to visit her uncle Sterling at his house in Costa Rica, it isn’t just another decadent teenage vacation. Back home, Becky is facing the consequences of a tragic drunken mishap. To get her “away from things”, her mother bundles her up and sends her off to visit her hermit of an […]

Ramen Done Right at Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Jeff JamesApr 9, 2013
If your only experience with ramen to date is the sort college students make in a microwave when they can’t afford anything else, the food at Ramen Tatsu-Ya will be an eye-opener. Located in a shopping center off 183 near the Ohlen/Payton Gin exit, Ramen Tatsu-Ya is an up-and-coming “Japanese soul food” restaurant starting to […]

Movie Review: Wrong

Jeff JamesApr 4, 2013
Wrong, 2012, unrated, 94 minutes The first scene in Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong sets the tone throughout. A firefighter squats in the middle of a parking lot, reading a newspaper and going to the bathroom while the rest of his crew ignores a burning van. Wrong combines surrealism and occasionally puerile humor in a mix that […]

Checking Out Chinese Food at Asia Cafe

Jeff JamesMar 25, 2013
Asia Cafe has a reputation for great Chinese food, so this past Friday I decided to check it out. Located in a shopping center on the north side of town near the intersection of 183 and Spicewood Springs, Asia Cafe is adjacent to Asia Market, which is definitely a mark in its favor. Few restaurants can boast a ready supply of fresh, authentic food right next door.

Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

Jeff JamesMar 10, 2013
Jack the Giant Slayer, 2013, PG-13, 114 minutes At the start of director Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Slayer, we are told that in Jack’s world, the story of a war between humans and giants in the sky has become legend, a folktale told to children at bedtime. The beans that grew into a massive […]