Hi. I’m Jeff James.

Jeff James is a writer.In my spare time, I am a writer.

I’ve written episodes of both Web Zeroes and The Leet World for my friends at Smooth Few Films.

Recently, I’ve been working on scripts for a long-awaited third season of The Leet World, but I’m also developing some of my own scripts.

In October of 2012, the now-defunct Kazka Press published my story Burning Love.

I write about books at Full of Words, and previously contributed video game news and reviews to GamerSushi, which is on hiatus. I love nothing more than a good bit of critical analysis and intelligent discussion, so I do my best to bring those skills to everything I write.

I do the occasional web development work, and I am the webmaster for both Smooth Few Films and GamerSushi. I have extensive experience with the WordPress platform, and I’ve recently been learning about responsive web design with CSS.

If you’d like to get in touch by email, feel free to contact me. You can also find me on Facebook, TumblrTwitter, and Google (if that’s your thing). To keep up with what I’m reading, look me up on Goodreads. You may notice I read a lot. It’s fun!