Get Shorty is My New Favorite Show
Recommending new TV shows to your friends is a social faux pas at this point....
August 20, 2018     Get Shorty, Elmore Leonard, remakes, watching, favorites, and EPIX


Where I'm at Right Now
I've had a tough year so far. When I last checked in on my writing...
April 18, 2017     writing, life, death, and my year


The Current State of my Writing Goals
Well, I had a good run while it lasted. I managed to write almost every...
December 05, 2016     writing, tracking, progress, and update

June and July By the Numbers
If you thought my last post in this series was belated, this one takes the...
August 06, 2016     writing, tracking, progress, and update

(A Belated) May by the Numbers
Well, here it is, halfway through the month of June, and I'm just now getting...
June 14, 2016     writing, tracking, progress, and update

Playing the Submission Game
As of this writing, I've submitted Ghost of a Friend to three markets and received...
May 21, 2016     short story, submissions, and rejection

April by the Numbers
April was a good month for writing. I finally managed to buckle down and finish...
May 01, 2016     writing, tracking, progress, and update

March by the Numbers
Tracking your writing can be kind of brutal after a while, especially if you have...
April 01, 2016     writing, tracking, progress, and update

Writing the Heming-way
As an experiment, I decided to start using Hemingway to proof my blog posts and...
March 31, 2016     Hemingway, writing style, word choice, passive voice, proofreading, and rewriting

What I'm Patreonizing
I've Kickstarted a few things over the years, but I'm much slower on the trigger...
March 07, 2016     entertainment Fireside Fiction, short stories, crowd funding, Questionable Content, Strange Horizons, Patreon, and Kickstarter

Collaboration Is Key
Writing is a bit of a contradiction: the physical act of writing usually happens in...
March 03, 2016     friends, feedback, writing, and short stories

February by the Numbers
The second month is usually where it all falls apart. My dedication to a goal...
March 02, 2016     writing, tracking, progress, and update

From Draft to Draft
I recently finished the second draft of a new short story, and at the moment...
February 13, 2016     short stories, rewrites, feedback, outlines, current work, and updates

January by the Numbers
Writing in January went pretty well overall. I started by writing a little bit of...
February 01, 2016     writing, tracking, progress, and update

Screenwriting Class, Round Two
I signed up for the 201 level of Tom Vaughan's Story and Plot class a...
January 24, 2016     screenplay, writing, structure, outlines, story ideas, and feature films

How to Turn Wordpress Into a Static Site Using AMPPS and Simply Static
After much tinkering, I finally figured out how to make a decent static backup of...
January 23, 2016     Wordpress, Jekyll, AMPPS, MAMP, static site, shared hosting, and dedicated server

What I'm Writing Right Now
OK, so: I'm writing every day, and doing my best to maintain my streak, which...
January 21, 2016     writing, short stories, self-inventory, and what I'm doing with myself

One More Time With the Writing Tracker
If you've met me, you probably know that I love tracking things. I've kept track...
January 19, 2016     writing, tracking, obsession, data, self-improvement, and goals


Look, I Made a New Website!
After much tinkering, I've finally decided to replace my Wordpress site with a brand-spanking new...
December 18, 2015     Jekyll, EC2, rsync, and Site Deployment


Girls, Nudity and Critical Foot-In-Mouth Disease
I've only barely watched Girls, but it's clear from what I've seen of it that...
January 13, 2014     Girls, HBO, Jenni Konner, Judd Apatow, Lena Dunham, nudity, opinion, TCA, and Television Critics Association


Watch Your Fucking Mouth
I've been reading a lot of unproduced screenplays recently, and a few things have been...
August 18, 2013     Alec Baldwin, character, on writing, read, screenplays, swearing, and the word fuck

See You Next Tuesday: How and Why The Onion Crossed the Line
The 2013 Academy Awards ceremony was last night, February 24th, and critics both amateur and...
February 25, 2013     comedy Comedy, controversy, history, Miss Wallis, people, read, and The Oscars

Write Every Day for a Month, Part One of Twelve
Last year I bought a giant wall calendar that I used to track my writing...
February 02, 2013    

It's Official: I'm Hooked on PC Gaming
Last night I played The Witcher 2 for several hours by accident. I'd just re-installed...
January 03, 2013     digital, digital downloads, Dragon Age, gaming, PC, Steam, and The Witcher


OK Computer: An Autobiography
Lately I've been thinking a lot about the passage of time, mostly because I just...
May 25, 2012     Music, nostalgia, personal history, Radiohead, and the nineties


The Nature of a Good Plot Twist
I finished playing Heavy Rain last night, and it got me thinking about plot twists...
March 13, 2010     character, Criticism, Heavy Rain, movie, and thriller

Books of The Future!
Just got caught up reading a very lengthy (and contentious) comment thread over at Making...
February 06, 2010     book, Books, eBooks, people, and read


Jenny Lewis vs. Rilo Kiley
A bit of background: although I enjoy Rilo Kiley's music, I've never been a huge...
November 13, 2008     Acid Tongue, album, Earth, Girl Group, Jenny Lewis, Music, Rilo Kiley, and sound

The Lost Legacy of Heroes
Heroes continues to occupy my mind this week. I think that's another good sign that...
November 12, 2008     Clark Kent, Criticism, death, live, Lost, review, and Robert Altman

Who watches The Watchmen? Definitely not the Heroes writers.
First off: a disclaimer. I'm going to discuss this week's Heroes episode in my post,...
November 10, 2008     character, Criticism, Kristen Bell, Noah Bennett, reading, review, and Writing

Inexplicable Cover Redesigns
I'm continually fascinated by the process of book cover designs and redesigns. I actually follow...
August 22, 2008     book, Book Covers, cover, fantasy, Jason Bourne, Neal Stephenson, and UK


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
I remember watching the first Ghost in the Shell movie and being confused and mildly...
January 13, 2005     film anime, Ghost in The Shell 2, Spirited Away, Akira, Stand Alone Complex, Kung Fu, and subtitles