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Austin Film Festival: Day… um… All The Rest

So when I first started attending AFF, I had a fairly ambitious plan to blog daily about my experiences, but… as you may have noticed, this went by the wayside pretty quickly. I’m a blogging wuss, I know, but what can I say? Attending more than 12 hours of festivities in one day tired me out pretty quickly.

Here’s everything I attended after Thursday:


“TV Drama Today”
“Finding the Voice: Dialogue”
“Writing Comedy for TV”
“A Conversation With Glenn Gordon Caron
“Film Texas BBQ Supper”
Reservation Road


“Juno: From Script to Screen”
“Production Team: Friday Night Lights”
“Conference Wrap Party”


Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist


Neal Cassady


Two Tickets to Paradise

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Awesome. Just… Awesome.

Today was an exciting day. I’ll let ThinkSecret do the talking:

At a town-hall meeting with employees Thursday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that all full-time Apple employees will receive a free 8GB iPhone, while part-time employees who have been with the company for more than a year will also receive a free iPhone.

So, thanks to the kindness of Steve’s heart, this time next month (we have to wait until the huge customer demand is satisfied) I’ll have my sweaty palms on one of these:


Then I’ll just have to pick a plan and start being one of the cool kids. It’ll be great.

P.S. Go see Live Free or Die Hard. It is 100% mayhem, and entirely stupid/awesome.

Very Short Stories

Just wanted to provide a link to a cool article in Wired where “a bunch of authors wrote stories that are only six words long”:http://wired.com/wired/archive/14.11/sixwords.html.

That is all.

i am internet hip now

I contributed to a “boingboing”:http://boingboing.net post! I feel validated by the internet. “Check it out”:http://www.boingboing.net/2005/09/28/harvey_dangers_new_a.html!

Remember that band Harvey Danger? They’ve released their new album in MP3 format, for free, on the internet, using BitTorrent, working on the principle that this is actually a good way to promote your album, especially if you’re a little indie band. I’ve only listened to one song so far, but it was pretty cool. We’ll see how the rest of the album turns out.

work & mr strange

so i’ve been complimented on how quickly i’ve picked up the details of my job position. apparently this department is a pretty busy one – i’ve been told the workload will probably stress me out a little until i get used to it – so when it became clear that i was pretty on point already, people were already saying “where were you months ago when we needed you?”

from what i understand, i’m going to start off doing two main things:

the first involves going through people’s applications for education discounts and reseller purchases and making sure that they’ve plugged in all the right information. this is pretty straightforward; the most important thing i have to do is make sure i don’t forget any steps, because if i do, these folks can’t make purchases. the second involves me using this special customer service e-mail program where i’ll mostly deal with customer questions involving lost passwords and accounts that don’t seem to be working.

once i’ve got myself a cubicle and all the proper login information, i’ll basically be left to my own devices, and will be able to zone out listening to music while i dot the i’s and cross the t’s. and if i’ve got any questions, everyone who can help me will be on ichat.

the benefits of being a full apple employee – as opposed to just a contracted temp like me – are pretty incredibly awesome. there’s a gym on-site for employees, they get great benefits, and there is of course the much-coveted employee discount; one time a year, you can make a big purchase like a computer, and you get *25% off the purchase*.

let’s say you went crazy and got a dual 1.8ghz g5 and a 20″ flatpanel, more memory, a 160 gig hard drive, etc., which comes out to $3522 before tax. you’d save _$880_ with an employee discount and would only pay $2641.

cool thing is, though, that you don’t even have to use your discount sometimes, because they have quarterly specials just for employees. that g5 we just looked at might be even cheaper!

now, from what i’ve been told, the average to become a “badged” employee is about seven months lately. they’ve told me a couple times, though, that since the department is growing, there’s the possibility they’ll badge the temps quicker than that.

now that i figured out the video editing issues, i don’t actually need to get a new computer any time soon. i can wait. seven months. or more, really. according to some of the forms i signed at volt, i can last as a temp up to a year, and then they’ll reassign me somewhere else. of course, it seems more likely that if i keep this job, i’d become badged well before the year is up.

this, by the way, is the first time i’ve gotten a job that seems like it’ll actually require my brainpower. it’s a nice feeling, although i do wonder what sort of stressful life i may have found for myself…

also: i started reading “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1582344167/unsquaredance-20?dev-t=1Y3EPK63R73F26PRKG82%26camp=2025%26link_code=xm2 this week. i was lucky to find it on sunday at half price books. especially lucky because this past weekend was the grand opening of the new half price books that went in near my neighborhood, in what apparently used to be a grocery store. because it was their opening, they passed out coupons when i checked it out on friday, and one of the coupons gave you 50% off one item only on sunday. when i went to the big one that afternoon, however, it was jam-packed with people, and the line for the registers wrapped around the whole store. luckily, though, the coupon was good at any location, so i trekked over to the one on 183, walked in the door, went to the bestseller shelf, and found the exact thing i wanted. JS&MN is a pretty big bestseller lately, and only comes in one of those huge hardbacks that cost an arm and a leg. this copy was marked at $14. so i got it for $7. i was pretty proud of myself. so far the book sort of reads like a great lost Jane Austen fantasy novel, except it’s also hilarious on top of that. (if you hated Jane Austen in school, i hope you wouldn’t hold it against this book. it really is very drily funny.)

ghost in the shell 2: innocence

Ghost in The Shell 2: Innoncence

i remember watching the first ghost in the shell movie and being confused and mildly disappointed. up until that point, my only exposure to anime was akira, which – although it was confusing as well – seemed far more epic in scope. i remember wondering if there were that many full-length anime features that were _as good_ as i thought akira was, and for a few years, i didn’t think so.

i was, of course, wrong. there were a hell of a lot of really excellent full-length anime features out there, i just hadn’t found them yet.

now, in my personal continuum of anime features, nothing will probably ever top spirited away. that would just be heresy; i’d say that and akira are on equal footing in my realm.

ghost in the shell 2 was quite a lot different from the first movie. the difference was all the more striking because i watched the trailers included on the disc, and saw a clip of the first movie – which now looks primitive and cartoony – and a bit of Stand Alone Complex, the TV series – cartoony still, but much more modern.

this one was pretty goddamn confusing as well, but there was something about it that clicked a whole lot better for me. innocence is not only far more epic than the first film, it is far more philosophical in scope, and the surrealistic quality that i love so much in a good anime has been ramped up much higher. there were parts of this movie that kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies, and i now consider it a sign of quality when something i watch can scare me a little bit in the right way (firefly being another example – the third episode made me crawl a little bit).

the only thing that wasn’t cool about the movie – and this is quite the internet scandal – was that instead of including regular subtitles, a closed captioned track was the only english option offered. so you’d get things like “[singing in japanese]” or “[dog whimpers]”, all of which were plastered right up front in huge white letters.

i decided a few years ago that kung fu flicks and anime were the only sorts of foreign films where i didn’t mind english dubbing. in both cases, it’s so you can pay as much attention to the visuals as possible. i’d actually prefer it if ghost in the shell had an english dub, cause i know there was a good amount of stuff that i missed just because i was trying to frantically read the subtitles and watch all of the crazy shit going on at the same time.

in other news: “wonderfalls: the complete series”:http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/releaseinfo.cfm?ReleaseID=4145 is getting released on dvd. only 4 episodes of this show were ever actually aired, so the set has *9 unaired episodes*. now, i have the whole damn series on my computer thanks to bittorrent, but i’m probably going to buy this boxset because i only watch stuff on my computer as a last resort.

i think it’s pretty amazing, though, that the number of shows being given a second chance on dvd keeps growing. this is definitely a trend i like. i guess producing a dvd box set is cheap enough that it’s worthwhile for studios to do this sort of thing, especially when fans are starting to learn that if they’re vocal enough, they can counteract the half-assed decisions of lily-livered TV executives.

my thought when i was watching firefly was that one of the most famous and long-lived science fiction franchises ever was cancelled after 3 seasons in its original form. we’ll ignore the last couple of movies they made, but hey… 30 years is pretty damn good for something tv execs tried to kill off, isn’t it?

now i just want a dvd box set of “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.”:http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0105932/…


I took this picture tonight, and within ten minutes of uploading it to okcupid, three girls messaged me, one of whom was pretty damn cool and who i had an excellent conversation with for a good half-hour. who’da thunk it?

EDIT: Doug, i don’t know why you had to post your comment twice. i didn’t delete it, although i do have to despam the comments regularly, so i might have gotten it accidentally or something. as for my receding hairline, i always make a point of including another picture that clearly shows how much hair i actually have. jerk. see you at juan’s on sunday.